The Rise of Real Worship

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The Rise of Real Worship

Power starts NOW!

  • What does it mean to be “Clothed in Power?”

  • Is there a right way or a wrong way to worship?

  • Why is worship central to the Conflict of the Ages?

  • What is the proper role of music in worship?

  • What happens when we worship in spirit and in truth?

These and dozens of other crucial questions are tackled head-on using the Bible as the guide, in this readable yet thoroughly researched book.  Don’t miss these practical and transforming answers.


Richard Koole has a wide background in education, leadership, preaching, and writing.  In addition to being the Senior Pastor of LifePointe Church in Fallbrook, California, his teaching is heard around the world through LifePointe Media audio courses.  DR. Koole’s Ed.D. degree is from Western Michigan University.

Ruth Apsley, a woman of proven literary and musical ability, as well as a noble example of a rue biblical worshiper, made significant literary contributions to this book.

Raymond Schafer, a man with much experience in editing, authoring, coauthoring, and Bible teaching, made important literary and theological contributions to this book.

This book is available as a paperback through LifePointe Media, or as either paperback or e-book through

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