Luke Volume 8: Preparing For The Mission



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Speaker:  Dr. Richard Koole

The 12 disciples had watched with shock and awe as Jesus rocked the crowds that were drawn to him with his startling teaching and unprecedented miracles.  Now it was time for them to step up and prepare for the time when they would have to go it alone.  In this volume, we learn some of the key methods Jesus used to train his ever-growing band of followers.
Join Dr. Richard Koole as he explains some of the key ingredients to becoming an effective disciple of Christ.  In so doing, he’ll introduce you to God’s clear definition of “pure religion” and what we must do to achieve it.

·         Basic Training

·         Cultivating a Clear Conscience

·         The Year in Review

·         Life’s Biggest Question

·         Got Baggage?

·         The Secret

·         Moving Mountains

·         Pure Religion

·         Excuses?