Cracking the Mysteries




Dr. Richard Koole with Raymond Schafer and Carol Sherwood
Are we more than bodies? Are we surrounded by an unseen realm? Are UFOs for real, or a clever demonic deception? Have people claiming “out-of-body experiences” really returned from the dead? Can we have contact with the dead? And, what’s up with haunted houses? Dr. Richard Koole is joined by best-selling author Raymond Schafer and Carol Sherwood in this carefully researched look at everything from the reality of life after death to the mysteries of guardian angels and the unseen realm that surrounds us.
 Topics covered:
  • What is behind all of the UFO sightings?
  • Are Out-of-Body Experiences for real?
  • What will your “forever body” look like?
  • Do all babies go to Heaven?
  • Is there an explanation for so-called haunted houses?

These and dozens of other crucially important questions are answered from Science and the Bible in this highly
readable and thoroughly researched book. Don’t miss the fascinating and powerful answers!

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