Luke Volume 10: Taking Off the Gloves



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Speaker:  Dr. Richard Koole

As Jesus entered the final months prior to his crucifixion, his message took on a tougher tone. Leaving the area around the Sea of Galilee, he made his way toward Jerusalem. As he did he launched a frontal assault on organized religion. He expressed in no uncertain terms that the system they had contrived was the problem…not the answer.

Join Dr. Richard Koole as he begins volume 10 with an encouraging look at the glory of the Lord’s Prayer, and then transitions to what Jesus had to say about an organized religion that had strayed from the heart of God. Hear how it explains what is wrong in so many churches today.

Topics Covered:

    • When Will “It” Happen?
    • The Sweet Fragrance of Forgiveness
    • Tempted For Life
    • The Gift
    • The Stirring of the Spirit
    • The Unpardonable Sin
    • Searching For the Sign
    • Are You For Real?