After the Cross Vol 9 – Life is a Shipwreck


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Speaker:  Dr. Richard Koole 

As the Book of Acts draws to a close, Paul is taken as a prisoner to Rome.  This is no ordinary journey as Paul and his fellow travelers get smashed by an incredible storm that leaves them shipwrecked on an island.  It is in this crisis that Paul shows his captors the true measure of a man.  Dr. Koole uses Paul as an example of how true leaders will rise up when circumstances get unsettled.  Think that your life is a mess?  Let Paul show you the keys to victory even when “Life is a Shipwreck.”

Topics covered:

  • Secret Service Christians
  • Separating Faith from Foolishness
  • Your Most Important Goal
  • Leadership in Crisis
  • Continuing the Race
  • The Secrets of Successful Leadership
  • Working on the Chain Gang