Luke Volume 5: The Dirty Dozen


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Speaker:  Dr. Richard Koole

It’s easy to imagine “The Twelve Apostles” as saintly old men on the stained glass windows of ornate cathedrals.  Nothing could be further from the truth.   They were a bunch of common working guys with all of the same weaknesses we face.  Jesus didn’t pick a single pastor, seminarian or theologian to be a member of his inner circle of twelve.  Instead he surrounded himself with a bunch of fishermen, hotheads, an accountant, and a tax collector.

Jesus chose real people just like us to accomplish the greatest of all tasks, proving that God doesn’t call the equipped…he equips the called.  In this series, Dr. Richard Koole will demonstrate how these ordinary men became the champions that changed the world.

Topics Covered:

    • The Rock
    • The Bringer
    • The Sons of Thunder
    • The Guileless
    • The Doubter
    • The Terrorists
    • The Traitor
    • The Tax Collector