From Exile to Eternity Vol 3 – Marvelous Things to Come


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Speaker:  Dr. Richard Koole

The later part of the book of Daniel gives the reader an unprecedented glimpse into eternity.  The final prophesies of Daniel stagger the mind of the reader as God reveals to Daniel the most intricate specifics of what is yet to come in our world.  Let Dr. Koole explain in simple terms the most difficult of the prophecies of Daniel, plus learn fascinating details regarding the home that will be yours for the rest of eternity.

Topics Covered:

    • The Mystery of the 70 Weeks
    • Daniel and the Angels
    • The Last Great Rebellion
    • Life in the Fifth Kingdom
    • Heaven on Earth
    • It Didn’t Start with Schindler’s List
    • All About the Angels
    • Passing Under the Rod
    • The Great White Throne of Judgment