1. DO I HAVE TO BUY AN ENTIRE SERIES TO GET ONE CEU?  No, each individual volume in any series stands alone as one CEU.  If you choose a multiple-volume series, you will earn one Bible CEU for each separate volume (course) you complete.  For example, “After The Cross”, the study of the book of Acts, is 9 volumes long.  Completing this series will earn you 9 Bible CEUs.
  2. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET MY CERTIFICATE?   Allow for approximately one week, plus normal mailing time if you send through USPS mail.  NOTE:  If you fax or email your affidavit and either enclose payment or pay online, you can have your certificate in 48 hours or less.
  3. DO I HAVE TO TAKE A TEST, OR WRITE A PAPER?  No.  When you have completed a course, you fill out a simple, half-page form called an Affidavit of Completion.  This, when signed by you and an administrator, is your promise that you have completed the work.
  4. WE HAVE SEVERAL PEOPLE WHO WISH TO TAKE THE SAME COURSE. DO WE NEED TO PURCHASE A COPY OF THAT COURSE FOR EACH PERSON?  No.  Each additional user need only pay the certificate processing fee, and send that with a completed affidavit.
  5. WHAT OTHER EXPENSES ARE INVOLVED?  That depends:  if you have purchased CDs and are the first user, there is no other expense.  If you are an additional user of the CDs, or if you have chosen the MP3 downloads, there is a certificate processing fee for each course completed.
  6. I BOUGHT A CD COURSE TWO YEARS AGO AND SUBMITTED FOR MY CERTIFICATE.  CAN I USE THIS AGAIN?  No.  Each course may be completed only once per user to receive your CEU.
  7. WHAT IS AN AFFIDAVIT OF COMPLETION?  The Affidavit of Completion is a simple half-page form that you fill out and submit to receive your Certificate of Completion.  The first part requires you to list the course name, and volume number (if applicable), and the names of the individual lessons in the course.  It also requires your signature, your name printed as you wish it to appear on the certificate, your Administrator’s signature, name and address of your school, and the date you completed the course.  This affidavit is kept on file as proof to ACSI of your completion.
  8. WHY DOES AN ADMINISTRATOR NEED TO SIGN THE AFFIDAVIT FORM?  This is a requirement from ACSI, in lieu of presenting a written exam or paper.
  9. HOW DO I GET MY CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION?  Submit a completed affidavit to LifePointe, along with the processing fee (if required).  Your certificate will be returned via email, or if you choose can be mailed to you or your school.
  10. DO YOU SEND MY COURSE CREDENTIALS TO ACSI?  No.  LifePointe does not submit your materials to ACSI.  This must be done either by your school or yourself.
  11. I DON’T LIKE PAYPAL. DO I HAVE TO ORDER ON-LINE?   No.  We can take credit card orders by mail, fax, or over the phone, and you are welcome to mail an order with a check if you choose.  On-line purchases are required only for the MP3 downloaded courses.
  12. WHAT COURSES DO YOU OFFER THAT ARE APPROVED FOR ACSI?   Any audio course presented on our website has been pre-approved by ACSI as a 6-hour CEU class.  Any books or DVDs that we post are NOT included in the ACSI program.
  13. I SENT MY STUFF A MONTH AGO AND HAVEN’T RECEIVED MY CERTIFICATE YET.  WHERE IS IT?   Our response time on Certificates of Completion is currently about a week, plus mailing time from you and from us.  If you believe you are missing certificates, please try to determine if your payment has been processed.  After that, check these things:
    • Did you mail it to the correct address?
    • Did you include payment if needed?
    • Did you fill out the affidavit completely?
    • Have you checked with your school office to see if it is there?
    • If you were paying with a credit card, did you supply all of the needed information?
    • If none of these provides an answer, please contact LifePointe, or email carol@lifepointemedia.com and we will work together to find a solution.
  14. WHERE DO I SEND MY AFFIDAVIT?   Mail it to LifePointe Media; Please check under ordering information on the “About Us” tab for our current address.
  15. CAN I PAY FOR MY CEU WITH A CREDIT CARD?   Yes!  Please be sure you are filling out a current credit card form on your affidavit of completion.  We must have your card number, expiration date, security code from the back of the card, name, address and phone associated with the card, and if you provide an email address you will receive a receipt direct from the card processor.
  16. CAN I PAY FOR MY CEU ON-LINE?   YES!  Look for the link on our home page! It is at the bottom, in the footer, in red.
  17. MY DEADLINE TO SUBMIT MY CREDENTIALS TO ACSI IS VERY CLOSE!  CAN YOU HELP ME GET READY IN TIME?  LifePointe will do all we can to assist you.  Please call or email us with your requests.  We can process and return your certificates in 48 hours or less, if emailed or faxed.
  18. I ORDERED THE MP3s ON-LINE BUT SOMETHING WENT WRONG.  HOW DO I GET MY FILES DOWNLOADED?   It may have been an internet failure that prevented your download.  Please log back into our website and try to retrieve your files again – you are allowed multiple attempts.  If this still does not work, please contact us.
  19. ARE THE MP3 COURSES APPROVED BY ACSI?   Yes, all MP3 courses are identical to the CD courses.
  20. CAN I SHARE MY MP3 COURSE WITH ANOTHER TEACHER?   Yes!  Same rules apply to MP3s as they do to CD courses.  Each user must submit an Affidavit of Completion and pay a processing fee to receive their certificate.
  21. WHERE CAN I GET A NEW AFFIDAVIT OF COMPLETION?   Please visit the “About Us” tab on our home page and go to “Ordering and Contact Information.”
  22. WHERE WILL MY CERTIFICATE BE SENT?   If mailed, all certificates are sent to the school address as listed on the submitted affidavit, UNLESS you specifically request it be sent elsewhere, i.e., your home address.  Include a note for special handling situations, please.