Preparing for the Battle of Your Life Vol 3 – Grinding the Rough Edges Off Your Life


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Speaker:  Dr. Richard Koole

It’s reassuring to know that no Christian is perfect.  However, we are told to strive after holiness as God is holy.  The most effective warriors for the cause of Christ are those who have addressed besetting sins and other rough edges in their lives.  In volume three of his study of Ephesians, Dr. Richard S. Koole takes a very practical look at character issues that if left to fester will greatly impede a believer’s effectiveness in service and in their relationship with Christ.

Topics Covered:

    • Liar, Liar
    • Anger Management
    • America…A Nation of Thieves
    • Communicating Christ
    • The Forgiving Spirit
    • The Pitfalls of Isolation and Immersion
    • Are Your Kids Cult Bait?
    • How to Recognize When Opportunity Knocks