After the Cross Vol 7 – The High Cost of Leadership



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Speaker:  Dr. Richard Koole 

It has been rightly said that everything rises or falls on leadership.  It is imperative that the local church understands the importance of leadership. As Paul and Silas continue their quest to build dynamic churches, they pay careful attention to the leadership skills of the people left in charge.  Leaders of today will profit from the sound and timeless principles Paul models for those chosen to lead the early church. In Volume 7, Dr. Koole follows the remarkable journey of Paul and Silas as they not only teach, but also exemplify “The High Cost Of Leadership.”

Topics covered:

  • Commitment and the Effective Leader
  • Keeping the Wolves Away from the Sheep
  • Sharpening Your Tools for Leadership
  • More Blessed to Give than Receive
  • Elders: God’s Men for God’s Mission
  • Leaders of Conviction or Convenience?
  • The High Cost of Leadership
  • When Leaders Must Swallow Their Pride