Luke Volume 12: Seeds of Eminence


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Speaker: Dr. Richard Koole

In the months prior to his crucifixion and glorious resurrection, Jesus began to make his way from his home in the Galilee area of Israel toward the city of Jerusalem.  As he stopped along the way to teach, he focused primarily on two themes: (1) the wickedness of false religion, AND (2) how God will empower his true followers to accomplish the mission of spreading the good news of salvation.

In volume 12, Dr. Richard Koole explores the encouraging words of Jesus regarding how the church, although beginning as small as a mustard seed, would someday arise like a sleeping giant and spread the good news to the entire world.

Topics Covered:

    • The Sleeping Giant
    • When Parents Lose Control
    • Evolution and Other Proofs for the Existence of God
    • The Biggest Elephant in the Room
    • The Scariest Verse in the Bible
    • The Crisis in the Middle East
    • Tomorrow’s Champions
    • Walking With Destiny