After the Cross Vol 6 – Turning the World Upside Down


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Speaker:  Dr. Richard Koole 

As Paul and Silas move into the great cities of the ancient world, they seem to have everybody’s attention.  Whether addressing the unknown god of the Athenians on Mars Hill, or preaching in Ephesus, the home of the pagan goddess Diana, they literally turned entire cities upside down.  What was it that gave these men and their followers the power to accomplish great deeds? What was the incredible promise God shared with them? In volume 6, Dr. Koole follows the remarkable journey of Paul and Silas as they turn one town after another upside down with their message of the love of Christ.

Topics covered:

  • Those Who Turned the World Upside Down
  • People of Vision and Commitment
  • An Appeal to an Unknown God
  • The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • Let Us Not Grow Weary
  • Are Tongues Necessary Today?
  • The Satanic Attack on the American Church
  • Exorcism and Demon Possession
  • Living With Stress in a Pressure-Cooker World