Luke Volume 11: Anxiety and Opportunity



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Speaker:  Dr. Richard Koole

Are there days when you feel like you just can’t take it any more…that you’ve had enough? You’re certainly not alone. It seems like suffering and anxiety stalk most people at one time or another. Dr. Richard Koole adds his first-hand experience to the encouragement in God’s Word to explain how to find the opportunities that are often wrapped up in seemingly impenetrable pains and obstacles.

In volume 11, Dr. Koole will help you discover your true worth in the eyes of God and how you can use the sufferings you have gone through to be an encouragement to those in the midst of the battle.

Topics Covered:

    • What are you Worth?
    • Had Enough?
    • The End of Anxiety
    • Ready or Not…
    • Discovering Opportunities
    • Do you Remember?
    • The Third Tower
    • Are we Breaking the Sabbath?