After the Cross Vol 8 – Called to Suffer



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Speaker:  Dr. Richard Koole 

People can be called to suffer in many different ways.  Some will suffer physically while others will suffer emotionally, financially, spiritually, socially, or in some other manner.  The Apostle Paul certainly knew how to suffer.  He certainly received many opportunities to practice!  In Volume 8, Dr. Koole follows the remarkable journey of Paul as his earthly ministry starts to reach its conclusion.  See how he never lost faith even as the whole world seemed to turn against him.  Let him show you the way of victory even when you are “Called to Suffer.”

Topics covered:

  • Why Do the Righteous Suffer?
  • The Ultimate Out-Of-Body Experience
  • Getting the Salt Out of the Shaker
  • When God Tackles Your Problems
  • Can You Be Saved Without Baptism?
  • The Worlds Greatest Fool
  • The World’s Rejection of Jesus
  • When God Puts You on the Shelf