Restoring the Passion Vol 4 – Outsmarting Burnout


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Speaker:  Dr. Richard Koole

It seems like life is just one big pressure cooker.  There are days when stress and conflict appear to surround us like a cloud no matter what we do.  It’s getting so that it’s not unusual to hear about a brother or sister in Christ caving in to burnout and walking away from God and His people.  In this marvelous portion of Philippians, God shares timeless principles that will help you guard your life from some of the tragic mistakes that bring unnecessary stress into the life of the careless believer.  Let Dr. Koole help you outsmart the stresses that can cause spiritual, physical, and emotional burnout.

Topics Covered:

    • Standing under the Cloud
    • Becoming a Citizen of Heaven
    • The Truth about Teenage Sex
    • Preventing Burnout
    • Getting Along with Difficult People
    • The Quest for Contentment
    • Victory over Worry
    • Peace at Last