Luke Volume 17: March Madness



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It started with a betrayal…and ended with a promise.  As Luke finishes the story of Jesus, he introduces God’s great promise of personal spiritual power.  This volume focuses on what has been termed “the Passion Week,” a time when God’s own Son was crucified for our sake and our sins. The final sermons begin on a sober note as Jesus is betrayed by friends.  But the mood changes dramatically with the glorious resurrection of Jesus.

Join Dr. Richard Koole as he explores the final pages of Luke’s great gospel and presents the final proofs that Jesus was who he said he was…the Son of God sent to pay for our sins.
  • The Second Coming
  • Fig Trees and Dry Bones
  • Betrayed!
  • The Wasted Life
  • Famous Last Words
  • Midnight Madness
  • The Frenzied Mob
  • The Alarming Meltdown
  • Justice Gone Mad (intro)