James Vol 1 – Words of Wisdom from a Former Doubter


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When Billy Graham was asked for the best proof that Jesus did in fact rise from the dead, he replied, “The most important proof that Jesus rose from the dead is that his own brother James believed that Jesus was the Son of God – the promised Messiah.”  James was a doubter until he saw the resurrected Lord.  As a believer he went on to write down some of the most important theological truths while applying them in the most practical manner.

Topics Covered:

    • Grace – The Cure for Jealousy
    • What’s in Your Bag?
    • Guaranteed to Make You Wise
    • Blaming God for Your Sins
    • Salvation…Gift or Reward?
    • Victory over Anger
    • The Face in the Mirror
    • Counterfeit Christians
    • Rich Man…Poor Man
    • Mercy and the Royal Law