Preparing for the Battle of Your Life Vol 5 – Married With Children…When the Battle Erupts at Home



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Speaker:  Dr. Richard Koole

Sometimes the battle against sin spills out in our very homes, marriages, and families.  It’s bad enough to battle at work or school; however, nothing is more miserable than conflict and disharmony in the home.  We feel as if we are battling those who are wearing the same uniform as us.  In volume five of his study of Ephesians, Dr. Richard S. Koole shares practical principles from the Word of God regarding maintaining peace within the family.  He then shares from personal experience practical ways to incorporate these principles into the home.

Topics Covered:

    • Submission and the Christian Woman
    • Marriage and the Macho Male
    • Minimizing the Stress in Your Marriage
    • The Anatomy of an Ugly Affair
    • Landmines Guaranteed to Blow Up Your Marriage
    • The Secret to Raising Super Kids
    • The Critical Role of Dad in Training Kids
    • Dad…Protecting the Innocence of a Child
    • Providing For Your Family