Preparing for the Battle of Your Life Vol 1 – Boot Camp for Believers


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The day you accepted Christ as your Savior, you became a part of a battle that has raged through the ages.  Whether you like it or not, as a child of God you have become a target of attacks from His enemy, Satan.  In Volume 1 of this exciting verse-by-verse journey through the book of Ephesians, Dr. Richard Koole will take you through spiritual boot camp as he explains the foundational doctrines that every believer should know and understand in order to be able to stand against the enemy.

Topics Covered:

    • Unleashing the Power in Your Life
    • Understanding the Mystery of Election
    • Comparing Christianity to Islam
    • Can You Ever Lose Your Salvation?
    • What God Wants From You
    • Did Satan Write the Humanist Manifesto?
    • The Lunatic Fringe of Society
    • The Secrets of the Temple