Preparing for the Battle of Your Life Vol 4 – Spiritual Gifts…Arming Your Weapons



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Speaker:  Dr. Richard Koole

Whether they know it or not, each believer in Christ has within them a supernatural spiritual gift that was activated when they accepted Christ as their personal Savior.  This gift was given to help them to minister to those with whom they serve.  In volume four of his study of Ephesians, Dr. Richard S. Koole explores the key questions believers have regarding the role of the Holy Spirit, the Baptism and Filling of the Holy Spirit, as well as the remarkable and individual Spiritual Gifts that God has given to empower his followers.

Topics Covered:

    • The Magnificent Power of the Spirit Filled Life
    • The Baptism of the Holy Ghost
    • The Mystery of the Holy Ghost
    • Ten Essential Truths Regarding Spiritual Gifts
    • Stirring Up Your Spiritual Gift
    • The Body Beautiful
    • Music Sure to Tickle the Ears of God
    • Gratitude…A Special Type of Gift