The Omega Prophecy Vol 1 – The Seven Churches of Revelation (Vol 1)


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The mysterious book of Revelation begins with an eyewitness account by the aged Apostle John of the splendors of Heaven.  As John is led on a guided tour of Heaven, he sees and describes for the reader Jesus in His present and future glory.  In his vision, John is able to see seven churches that will span the millennia. Dr. Koole gives a practical explanation of each of the seven churches, and then applies their strengths and weaknesses to both the church of today and the individuals who comprise the modern church.

Topics Covered:

    • The Beginning of the End
    • Viewing Jesus In His Glory
    • A Sneak Preview of Heaven
    • The Seven Churches of Revelation
    • The Death of a Great Church
    • Wearing Out The Hammers of Satan
    • At the Foot of Satan’s Throne
    • Where Love Went Wild