James Vol 2 – Raising a Harvest of Righteousness



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Speaker:  Dr. Richard Koole

Nothing is more refreshing than being in the presence of a genuinely righteous person. Such remarkable believers have learned that a harvest of righteousness is achieved in their lives by purposefully planting and nurturing some very special seeds.  Let Dr. Richard Koole show you from the book of James how to plant these remarkable seeds that will bring a harvest of righteousness in your life.

Topics Covered:

    • What Makes the Demons Shudder?
    • The Patriarch and the Prostitute
    • Judged more Strictly
    • Me and My Big Mouth!
    • The Philosophies of Satan
    • Planting the Seeds of Purity
    • Planting the Seeds of Peace
    • Planting the Seeds of Gentleness
    • Planting the Seeds of Mercy
    • Planting the Seeds of Integrity