In the Beginning Vol 5 – Jacob – Growing Toward Maturity


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Speaker:  Dr. Richard Koole

I’m so glad that God is not quick to give up on us.  He is patient, even as we demonstrate time and again our spiritual immaturity.  Few men give better evidence of God’s patience than Jacob.  In this second volume on the life of Jacob, we see how this manipulator and deceiver experiences painful events within his family that force him to grow up spiritually and emotionally.  His experiences serve as tremendous lessons for us today as we strive to grow up in our walk with the Lord.

Topics Covered:

    • Discerning The Will of God
    • Overcoming Guilt and Shame
    • Making Things Right With an Old Friend
    • Jihad!
    • Returning to the House of God
    • The Tragic Obituary of Esau
    • Favored Son…Hated Brother
    • The Bad Girls of the Bible