Luke Volume 16: Birth Pains


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Speaker:  Dr. Richard Koole

One of the most asked questions continues to be:  “When will Jesus return?”  A couple of days prior to his crucifixion, Jesus returned from preaching all day in the temple and shared with his disciples on the Mount of Olives a panorama of the startling events leading up to what has become his long-anticipated return.  In his message, Jesus identified certain signs that, like birth pains, will indicate the nearness of a glorious event.

Join Dr. Richard Koole as he explores whether or not the events we see around us today are “the beginning of the birth pains” spoken of by Jesus in what is commonly known as the “Olivet Discourse.”

Topics Covered:

  • The Cornerstone
  • Taxes and the Election
  • The Resurrection of the Dead
  • Phonies in the Church
  • The Widow’s Mite
  • Birth Pains
  • The Persecuted Church
  • The Great Tribulation