Restoring the Passion Vol 5 – A Guide to Meditation and Truth


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Speaker:  Dr. Richard Koole

“Few Christians fully understand the power that can be discovered through meditation. As the Apostle Paul brings this great book to a close, he issues the incredible challenge to believers to meditate on what is true. With this instruction in mind, Dr. Koole sets out to identify the most important truths in life, and then shares what many consider to be the ten most important truths in lifeten truths that every man, woman or child must know in order to be a mature child of God.”

Topics Covered:

    • You Are What You Think
    • The Power of Telling the Truth
    • To Tell the Truth
    • The Truth about Heaven
    • Thinking in a Cesspool
    • The Lost Art of Praise
    • The Struggle for Contentment
    • Discovering the Pleasure of Giving